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Low EMF Air Purifiers – What to know and what to look for

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There are so many benefits to having an air purifier in your home, but is it emitting dangerous levels of EMF radiation? Let’s dive in on the topic of air purifiers and discover, are there low EMF air purifiers available, is your air purifier emitting dangerous levels of EMF radiation, do the benefits outweigh the dangers?

Benefits of Having an Air Purifier In Your Home

There are many reasons people decide they want to purchase an air purifier for their home. Poor air quality can come from pollution, dust, smoke, mold, etc and can lead to all kinds of health issues.

Some of the main benefits of having an air purifier in your home.

Air purifiers…

  • Will help make your home cleaner
  • Absorb allergens and can aid in seasonal allergy relief
  • Slow dust buildup
  • Can help reduce animal dander
  • Can make your home smell better
  • Eliminate mold and other toxins from the air
  • Help to create healthier indoor air

These are just some of the main benefits of using an air purifier, there are many more. Now that we have gone over these benefits let’s talk about the potential negatives or even dangers of using an air purifier.

Also, if you just want to know my recommendation for the lowest EMF air purifier, it would be this one on Amazon.

Is Your Air Purifier Emitting EMF Radiation?

Yes, air purifiers actually emit an alarmingly high amount of EMF radiation, so high I am not sure why more people aren’t talking about it.

Using an EMF reader on the magnetic field I was shocked at the readings. One air purifier hit a whopping 200mG. What exactly does this number mean?

In using the Magnetic Field to test EMF radiation we know that anything higher than 1 mG is considered a high amount of EMF exposure within a living space.

That means that particular air purifier was emitting 200x the “safe” amount of EMF in a living space. This amount is higher than a microwave or even a cell phone, two of the top devices that emit high levels of EMF radiation.

Are there Low EMF Air Purifiers?

There are not many brands that specifically design their product to produce less EMF’s, but I was able to find a few!

The main conclusion for why most air purifiers create such a high amount of EMF radiation is because of the kind of motor used. Most air purification systems use an AC motor.

Air purifiers with AC motors usually produce the highest amount of EMF radiation. Although even DC motors that use an AC outlet have some EMFs, the amount is lower.

The best solution I have found is to purchase an air purifier with a DC motor OR if you already have one with an AC motor make sure it is grounded with an EMF blocker.

This will allow the EMFS to transmute the frequency before they reach your body.

Best Low EMF DC Motor Air Purifiers

1.) InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier

This Air Purifier by InvisiClean is pretty clearly the best option for a low EMF air purifier. First of all, they specifically state that it uses a “low EMF radiation DC motor,” which means that they are actually considering this.

Not only that, but I personally tested this product and can attest to the low EMFs, especially compared to many products on the market.

This purifier utilizes the powerful DC motor to deliver double the air output using up to 82% less electricity than other air purifiers. With the DC-motor you will have lower exposure to EMF radiation.

Covers medium to large rooms up to 319 sq. ft. Another Quiet purifier it works at low speed and turbo mode for maximum air cleaning.

In addition, this air purifier offers complete filtration as well as germ disinfection and has an easily replaceable HEPA filter and activated carbon prefilter with optional ionizer and disinfecting UV-C Light.

It actually uses a medical grade multi-state air cleaning process that cleans 99.985% of air born particles as small as .3 microns. I won’t go into all the features, but suffice it to say that this is not only a low EMF air purifier, but one of the best on the market period.

The InvisiClean offers a 3-year warranty as well as the connivance of lifetime support.

If you’re looking for a low EMF air purifier, the InvisiClean is the one to buy. You can pick it up from Amazon.

2.) BONECO Air Purifier

Another great DC-motor air purifying option for a highly efficient and safer way to purify the air in your home. 5 fan level speeds, low power consumption (DC motor), filter change reminder, a container for use of fragrances, and 5-year warranty.

This air purifier is a quietly operating machine, great for those who are bothered by the loud humming noise of many air purifiers.

The P400 comes standard with the allergy filters which include the HEPA and active carbon filter. There is also a baby and smog filter that is available for purchase separately.

The BONECO purifiers are capable of removing allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust, pet dander, dust mites, smoke and odors from the air. They claim that their filter systems remove 99.79% of particles over 0.05 micrometers.

3.) SPT DC- Motor Air Cleaner

Not only is the DC motor better for keeping your EMF exposure down, but it is also great for saving power! This air cleaner comes with 4 speeds as well as an off-timer between 1-8 hours.

This air cleaner uses plasma technology with PP Mesh pre-filter, VOC filter, and HEPA filter.

There is a HEPA and VOC filter replacement indicator so you know when it is time to change or clean the filters and Both the HEPA and VOC filters are designed to operate continuously for up to 2,000 hours.

The SPT Air cleaner is Arb Certified and is targeted to effectively remove and kill bacteria, virus, volatile organic compounds, odors, and harmful particles, for rooms up to 465 sq.

Additional No EMF Solutions to Purify Your Air

Feeling unsure about low EMF air purifiers, or maybe you just want additional ideas to help improve your indoor air, I have you covered. Here are some NO EMF solutions to get better air quality in your home.

1.) House Plants

Even NASA recognizes the air quality benefits of having certain plants in your home. How does it work?

During photosynthesis, plants convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen and remove toxins from the air we breathe. Here is a list of some no-fuss house plants that will help keep your air clean.

  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lilly
  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos
  • Ficus

How many plants should you have to reap the benefits? At least two plants per 100 square feet. Plants with larger leaves, like palms, purify air quicker.

Some plants have even been known to absorb EMF radiation.

2.) Open Your Windows/ and or Doors

Opening your windows and doors are the simplest and cheapest solutions to improve your indoor air quality. Make it a part of your routine to open windows and or doors for at least 5 minutes every day. This will alleviate the accumulation of harmful air pollutants in your indoor air.

3.) Burn Beeswax Candles

Burning pure beeswax candles artificially creates the phenomenon we see in nature (like in the woods or by the ocean) where negative ions bind to the positive ions, indoors. This results in cleaning the indoor air.

4.) Leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp on

Another simple way to clean up your home air is through the use of a Himalayan salt lamp.

When the crystallized salt is heated by the small light bulb inside, it releases negative ions which are known to neutralize pollutants in the air. Bonus points, these salt lamps are also known to help neutralize EMFs.

Do the Benefits of using an Air Purifier outweigh the negatives? A conclusion on Low EMF Air Purification

We have gone over some of the benefits of using an air purifier along with the risk of exposing yourself and your household to EMF radiation. So now what? Do these benefits outweigh the dangers?

There is no cut and dry answer to this question and here is why. Yes, there are some low EMF alternatives like the DC-motor air purifiers I mentioned above or the no EMF solutions I listed to help clean your air but the answer will most likely come with your specific reasoning for needing an air purification system.

Do you have severe asthma and you live in an area where the air quality is extremely poor due to fires or pollution?

Purchasing a DC-motor air purifier is likely going to help your quality of life, especially since you may not be able to open your windows due to outdoor pollution.

Another good example would be if your home seems to frequently have issues with mold, mold can be extremely dangerous and result in many severe illnesses so this is another case where I think the benefits of having an air purifier outweigh the potential dangers.

Maybe you have extreme sensitivity to EMF radiation but also have one fo the issues above?

Maybe your solution is some of the no EMF solutions in combination with a DC-motor air purification system that you only run when you are not in the house.

Maybe you are just aware that your indoor air quality is poor and you want it to be better. Using some of the no EMF solutions I listed above may be a better option for you as you won’t be adding any additional EMF air pollutions to your home.

At the end of the day, you will need to decide if you personally think the benefits outweigh the dangers. Need help deciding? Comment below your situation and I can try and help you decide what could be a good solution for you.

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