Do Alexa and Google Home Devices Emit EMF radiation

Do Alexa and Google Home Devices Emit Radiation?

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Devices like Alexa and Google Home have become very popular in recent years. Many people appreciate the voice-controlled apps providing them the ability to play music, quickly order items, check the weather, or simply ask their device a question and then receive a prompt factual response.

With all the popularity also comes the hesitation and worry as people question whether these devices are all that safe in their home?

Not only are there concerns about privacy but what about unnecessary radiation exposure?

Let’s unpack the reasoning why devices like Alexa and Google Home emit dangerous levels or radiation by starting with a little background knowledge on Wifi and Bluetooth.

Wifi and Bluetooth Emit EMF Radiation

Using Wifi and Bluetooth on your devices will increase the amount of non-ionizing radiation you are exposed to.

This is different than the radiation you would be exposed to from medical tests such as CT scans or X-rays, a nuclear explosion, or ultraviolet light from the sun.

Non-ionizing radiation does not carry enough energy to directly break or alter your DNA like ionizing radiation, however research has shows us that ionizing radiation does have a negative and measurable effect on living organisms.

Both Bluetooth and Wifi devices fall under the same basic range (on the electromagnetic spectrum) as the radiofrequency from cell phones.

We know cell phones emit dangerous levels of EMF radiation, however, many believe the benefits of having a cell phone outweigh the negative health effects.

Wifi and Bluetooth are both settings you should only use when necessary if lowering your EMF radiation is important to you, which I am guessing it is since you are on this site!

Studies suggest that even low levels of Radio Frequency radiation over a long period of time cause brain tumors and other rare heart problems. 

That is pretty scary considering how frequently we are exposed to this harmful radiation.

Some people do not use Wifi or Bluetooth devices since they both produce EMF radiation. Should you stop using Bluetooth and Wifi?

Ultimately what it will come down to is, do the dangers outweigh your desire or the ease to have and use this kind of technology?

Does Alexa and Google Home Devices Emit Radiation?

Alex and Google Home Devices do emit EMF radiation. Any smart device that uses wifi or Bluetooth emits EMF radiation.

Even when unused, devices like Alexa and Google Home stay connected to the WiFi, constantly refreshing and emitting EMFs.

As we discussed above devices that use Wifi and Bluetooth are some of the highest EMF radiation emitting devices and are comparable to smartphones.

“Until we have definitive proof that WiFi radiation is fine for us, you should take certain precautions when it comes to the way you interact with smart home devices,” says Dr. Djordjevic.

The World Health Organization recently classified RF radiation, like that from a cell phone as a likely carcinogenic in humans.

Although there has not been enough research to show that smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa are safe, experts encourage people to take precautions while using these kinds of devices.

Are you Feeling the Negative Effects of Smart Home Devices?

Common symptoms for those who are exposed to high levels of EMF radiation include the following:

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia and other sleep-related issues
  • Brain fog
  • Weakened immune system
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • Hormone imbalances or Reproductive issues
  • Adrenal fatigue

Some of these symptoms sounding a bit too familiar? You may want to consider stopping the use of your Google Home, Alexa, and other EMF emitting devices to see if you feel a noticeable change.

Not quite ready to give it up? Check out some easy ways to lower your EMF exposure below.

Simple Ways to Lower EMF Exposure from Devices like Alexa and Google Home

If you really love your Alexa or Google Home Device and can’t imagine parting ways with it check out some simple ways to lessen your EMF exposure to these devices.

1.) Add Distance between you and your device

Adding distance will always be one of the best options when it comes it protecting you and your family from EMF radiation.

As we double the distance from a source of radiation, we are quartering our exposure. So when possible add more distance between you and your Alexa or Google Home Devices and you will have less radiation exposure.

Another way to ensure distance is the place your Alexa or Google Home in a low traffic area of your home. Avoid placing your device in your bedroom as you will then be exposed to EMFs while you sleep.

Since you don’t hold these smart devices up to your ear, in your pocket, or near your body all the time like your cell phone, the risk is probably even less than when using your cell phone.

To me, this does not mean there should be no concern but the amount of EMF radiation is comparable between the two and a Cell phone directly on your body is going to have a more direct effect than a smart home device in the same room as you.

2.) Turn off the Wifi/ Bluetooth and night or when device is not in use

A great option for those who do use their Google Home or Alexa Device on the daily is to simply turn off the Bluetooth/ Wifi at night or anytime the device isn’t being used.

Regardless of you are using the device these products are known to record and monitor conversations which are not only a little freaky (and a total breach of privacy) but this also means that more EMFs are being emitted since the device is constantly “in use” even when you aren’t actually using it.

Ever wonder how you received a personalized advertisement for something you have talked about but never actually searched? Google Home and Alexa are not the only smart devices that surveillance. So keep this in mind with all of your smart devices including your phone and laptop.

3.) Consider placing EMF protection Decòr near your Device

That are so many inexpensive effective EMF protection devices available so why not have some near your Alexa or Google Home device? This can be used in addition to the first two methods to help lower your exposure to EMFs.

I listed a few of my favorite protection decorations below that would work great as protection decòr next to your Google Home or Alexa Devices.

EMF Protection Decòr

Shungite EMF Radiation Protection Pyramid

Simply place this simple, modern Shungite pyramid next to your Google Home or Alexa Device to lower the amount of EMF radiation exposure in your home.

Heka Naturals explains that the size of the pyramid you purchase with have different effectiveness: 3cm (1.1 metres); 5cm (2.8 metres), 8cm (6.5 metres), 10cm (10 metres). If you are looking for this Shungite Pyramid to help with other sources of EMF radiation I would recommend purchasing the biggest size.

This brand guarantees their product is 100% Shungite and has a simple return policy especially if purchased via Amazon. Keep in mind this is a natural stone that has been cut so there may be some variation or imperfections.

Orgonite EMF Protection Pyramid

Another stylish option is this Orgonite Pyramid. Place this gorgeous Pyramid in your home near your Google Home or Alexa Device and allow it to help lower your EMF radiation exposure.

This Pyramid is made from 24k gold, copper, brass, aluminum, Crystal Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your Orgonite Pyramid makes this popular item a safe bet.

Large Black Tourmaline Rod

If you love the look of crystals this one is for you. Use this stunning 1/2 pound Black Tourmaline rod as beneficial decoration by placing next to your Device.

Black Tourmaline is known for being one of the most powerful minerals in absorbing EMF radiation. It is also known to support and align the energy centers of the body, a nice addition if you ask me!

Rock Paradise guarantees that each stone is 100% natural with no artificial additives. Every stone is of the highest quality, they do recommend rinsing the stone once you receive it as it may contain dust.

Fluorite Crystal Self Standing Protection Prism 

This Rainbow Fluorite Stone is a fun unique piece that can easily stand next to your Google Home or Alexa and give you the extra protection you need.

Not only is Fluorite known to help protect against EMF radiation as it is referred to as a vacuum of both environmental and spiritual negativities but it is also good for organizing your thoughts and balancing your mind.

Additional Alexa or Google Home EMF Protection Decor

Some additional Google Home or Alexa protection option is to place any of these stones/ crystals next to your device as they are known to reduce EMF radiation:

  • Amazonite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Aventurine (any color)
  • Sodalite
  • Diamonds 
  • Moldavite
  • Yellow Kunzite
  • Turquoise

Final Thoughts on Google Home/ Alexa Devices and EMF Radiation

There are many devices out there that emit dangerous levels of EMF radiation so it is important to look into these products before bringing them into your home. With growing popularity, Google Home or Alexa Device is no exception.

Smart home devices such as the Google Home or Alexa do emit EMF radiation and are comparable to smartphones with the amount they produce. ‘

Avoiding the use of these devices would be preferable if you are trying to limit your amount of exposure to radiation as we are exposed to levels. Keep in mind it is more dangerous to have your smartphone next to your head or on your body than the use of a smart home device.

Maybe you already own one of these devices or were considering purchasing one but were concerned about the potential negatives.

I hope you found this article helpful and are better able to understand the potential risks of using having these smart devices in your home.

At the end of the day, it will always come down to weighing out the pros and cons. My goal is to help educate you so you feel like you can make the right decision for you and your family because making small changes now could have a major impact on your future health.

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