Telsa Electric Car Radiation – Complete Guide

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Cars have changed a lot over the years and as they modernize and rely on more technology the concern for radiation exposure rises. Bluetooth, wifi, in-car computers, and high tech forms of battery charging are all concerns for high amounts of EMF radiation.

Many people are left wondering if these smart cars have the potential for more harm then the benefits they provide. Let’s dive in and talk about all things Tesla radiation.

Do Teslas have more Radiation than a Standard Car?

Hybrid cars, in general, are going to expose you to more EMF radiation. Since Tesla is a kind of hybrid car it will be exposing you to more EMF radiation than a standard car.

One interesting thing to take note of is no electric car, Teslas included using an alternator. Alternators emit an extremely high amount of EMF radiation.

Alternators create dirty electricity and EMF radiation as it alters the electrical waves to fit the needs of the vehicle. So this could be used as a potential argument for Teslas having less radiation than a standard car.

Instead, Teslas all have regenerative braking which allows the motors to provide power back to the battery when slowing down or going downhill.

Let’s continue on and look into some of the sources of EMF radiation that can be found in most smart cars like Teslas below.

EMF Sources In Tesla

There are many different ways you are exposed to EMF radiation while driving or even just sitting in a Tesla. Here are some of the main EMF producers that are in the vehicle.

In-Car Wifi

One of the worst offenders when it comes to EMF radiation exposure is having wifi available in your Tesla or smart car. This should be a definite concern and here is why:

Although many find having wifi in their car convenient you are exposing yourself to unnecessarily high amounts of EMF radiation. There are two main concerns when it comes to in-car wifi.

1.) You are in extremely close proximity to the wifi

We know that the further away you are from exposure the safer you are, however when you are sitting in a car there isn’t a way to add distance between you and the Wifi.

2.) The EMFs are unable to exit the vehicle

The metal exterior of the car blocks the EMFs within exposing you to higher amounts of EMF radiation.

In-Car Bluetooth

Very similar to the issue with in-car wifi, in-car Bluetooth emits a harmful amount of EMF radiation that is trapped in your car at close proximity.

Many people don’t think twice before connecting their phone to Bluetooth in their car for music or easy access to phone calls but simply plugging your phone into an aux cord is my recommendation for to have less EMF exposure.

Vehicle Computer Systems 

Any type of computer system is going to emit EMF radiation, with Tesla there are multiple systems, which all emit radiation. The newer autopilot update or “self-driving computer” made for Teslas is no doubt a huge innovation for cars but at what risk to your health?

There are two fully independent computers that are located in the glove box of Teslas. These are producing large amounts of EMF radiation very close to the driver and right next to the front passenger seat.

In close relation to the computer system, Teslas have 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, a radar, and GPS all of these are emitting EMF radiation.

Keyless Entry

Tesla built its keyless entry to be used with ita mobile app, which can be linked to a vehicle to activate keyless entry. This feature allows owners to simply walk up to their vehicle and the car detects the phone approaching and unlocks itself.

Each Model is going to have slight differences but as they continue to release new models you can almost guarantee with more technology and more linking of devices you will be exposing yourself to more EMFs.

Features like keyless entry will expose you to EMFs but only for a short amount of time vs wifi or Bluetooth that is running the whole time you are in the vehicle.

Start System

Teslas are among many new vehicles that no longer require a key to start the car. Instead, they use radio waves from the remote control key in order to start the car.

We know that radio waves emit EMF radiation and should be avoided when possible. Again this is going to be a quick exposure like the keyless entry but frequently used.

Alarm Systems 

The alarm system of a Tesla utilizes radio waves which result in the production of EMF radiation.

They also have implemented the use of the cameras and ultrasonic radars mentioned above to add more vehicle security. The cameras are equipped to save the footage for the owner to access via a thumb drive, great protection but this also means constant emission of EMFs.

In addition, an Enhanced Anti-Theft device was released to the Tesla online store. This device monitors movement inside Model S and Model X cabins when the vehicles are locked.

This feature may not necessarily affect your decision on radiation as you would not be in the car most likely while it is locked but it is certainly emitting harmful EMF radiation during this time.

The Battery

When looking into the highest amount of EMF radiation in electric cars we find that the increase occurs nearest to the floor. The reason why? The vehicle’s batteries.

The batteries and the computer in the glove compartment of Tesla cars emit the most amount of EMF radiation. The highest amount you could possibly be exposed to is when the battery is being charged.

DO NOT SIT IN THE CAR WHILE YOUR BATTERY IS BEING SUPERCHARGED. The amount of EMFs that are emitted jump drastically during this kind of charging.

A great comparison of charging your car battery would be charging your cellphone battery. More EMFs are being emitted while charging vs when it not charging.

Potential Dangers of EMF Radiation Exposure from Telsa and other Smart Cars

As shown above, there are many sources of radiation coming from Teslas as well as other smart cars. What does all this mean in terms of your health?

Let’s answer the question, What is the danger of being exposed to EMF radiation?

Want to see what you are being exposed to in various Teslas? check out this video below to see the numbers on Tesla cars as well as a few household items for comparison. Or jump below to find out how to get an accurate reading of your Tesla.

Video Recap and Thoughts:

Tesla cars do produce EMF radiation, the highest amount seems to be on the passenger side by the glove box. It hit numbers upward of 142 mG even while the car was not on.

Other areas of the Tesla came in with much lower readings, especially when compared to the numbers we get from using cell phones or a laptop.

Something to consider which is not shown or made clear in this video is was the Bluetooth or Wifi enabled in the car or connected on their phone?

Whenever Bluetooth or Wifi is in use the amount of EMF radiation is increased. While testing the amount of radiation from products many people aren’t testing with the Bluetooth or wifi on which will skew the results.

I do like this video but have to disagree with their views on whether EMFs are bad for us. EMFs are in fact dangerous and bad for your overall health when exposed to high amounts frequently.

The fact people are having health issues due to exposure is becoming more and more common to the point we can’t ignore this is a serious health risk and should be taken very seriously.

There has been an increase in studying the effect of EMFs on people that has shows biologic effects from limited exposures to ELF and EMFs. As technology grows and continues to be a huge part of our daily lives we will continue to see these negative effects increase.

Long Term Health Effects from EMF Radiation Exposure are:

  • Glioma and other brain cancers
  • Muscle Pain
  • Severe headaches
  • Inability to sleep, or exhausting upon waking
  • Mood Disorders
  • Both Male and Female Infertility
  • Frequent infection and illness
  • Childhood Cancers
  • Severe Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • and more

If you have one or more of these symptoms you may want to consider making some changes to help limit the amount you are exposed to EMF radiation.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Tesla Vehicles

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a sensitivity to magnetic and electric frequencies, where negative symptoms are attributed.

Those who suffer from EHS describe symptoms like headache, fatigue, burning sensations and rashes, stress, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, pain and ache in muscles (specifically in places where the body has come into direct contact with magnetic or electric frequencies.

People who have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity may notice their symptoms worsen while traveling via airplanes, subways, or even cars. The reason why is most likely due to the EMF radiation becoming trapped in the mode of transportation.

Planes, trains, and cars all have a metal outer shell to them, the issue with this? The radiation is trapped inside. While we can use metal to block and protect ourselves from EMF radiation, metal can also trap it inside leading to higher amounts of exposure.

Let’s talk a little more about Tesla cars specifically and EHS. Tesla vehicles do emit harmful amounts of EMF radiation but so do many other kinds of cars, specifically smart cars or newer cars.

If you have EHS you may notice an increase in symptoms while using a Tesla and may want to consider a lower-tech vehicle. Maybe you already own a Tesla or have your heart set on one, let’s talk about if there ways to reduce the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to a bit more below.

Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure in Tesla

Unfortunately, there is not a way to eliminate EMF radiation from your Tesla, however, there are few ways to lower your exposure amount.

1.) Do not connect to wifi or Bluetooth

I know these features are convenient but by using Bluetooth and wifi you are certainly going to increase the amount of radiation you are exposed to while driving.

As we discussed above these two features both emit high amounts of EMF radiation and should be avoided when possible. If possible use an AUX cord instead and resist the urge to connect to wifi.

2.) Avoid sitting in your car while the battery is being charged (specifically supercharging)

As discussed before while supercharging your car the amount of EMFs being produced leaps into some very unsafe numbers.

Since you likely will be charging your car in your garage a great protection method is to use an EMF Shielding Paint like this one on the wall of your garage that is shared with your house to avoid the unnecessary amount of EMFs from entering your home.

3.) Do not use your Cell Phone While in the Car

At least part of this one is a no brainer, not only are cell phones extremely distracting and dangerous while driving but they also produce a very high amount of EMF radiation.

As discussed before it is difficult for EMFs to escape your car, thus if you use your cell phone in the car more EMFs are being trapped increasing your exposure. Turn your phone on airplane mode, or turn it off until you get to your destination.

4.) Roll Down your Window

Maybe you can’t resist the need to play music off your phone or are expecting an important phone call, rolling down your window will help to clean the air of EMFs allowing them to escape the car and reducing your exposure.

Measuring EMF Exposure in your Tesla

Do you have a Tesla and want to know the exact EMF reading in your vehicle? I like to provide my own measurements when possible for you but sometimes I can’t so here is how to get an accurate reading off your Tesla.

First off make sure you have a high-quality EMF reader. Unfortunately, there are some really low-quality readers out there that don’t work, obviously, this will do you no good. Here are a few I recommend :

Trifield TF2

Acoustimeter AM-10 RF Meter

Cornet ED88T EMF Meter

Next, let the reading begin. Use your EMF meter to get readings while the vehicle is running and while it is off. For safety purposes please have someone assist you with the measurements while you are driving.

Note how much RF, magnetic, and electric field radiation is being absorbed in different heights in the car. Check at head, chest, stomach knees, and feet level, on both sides of the car in the front seats and the back.

Write these findings down and then repeat the process but with different systems in use. Connect to the wifi and Bluetooth, make a phone call with them connected, use the map and other features on the dashboard computer.

Not only will you be able to see what increases to dangerous levels you will then have a better understanding of which features you should be avoiding and which are safe to use.

Final Thoughts On Tesla Radiation

There is no doubt that Tesla vehicles emit high levels of EMF radiation specifically on the passenger side by the glove box. However, all cars emit EMF radiation so the question becomes are Tesla cars any worse than a standard car?

We talked about how Teslas and other electric cars don’t use an alternator which does emit a fair amount of radiation. Their alternate system may be a small amount safer in comparison to the dirty electricity from alternators but what about the other harmful amounts of EMF radiation?

We went over some of the top producers or potential producers of EMFs in a Tesla vehicle and how this may affect those who have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

We know there have been studies of the EMF emitted by electric automobiles like Telsa and these studies have claimed either that they pose a cancer risk for the vehicles’ occupants or that they are safe.

The main issue is that much of the research conducted on the issue of electric cars and EMF radiation has been industry-funded by companies with vested interests on one side of the issue or the other which makes it difficult to know which studies are trustworthy. 

Where does this leave us? Our goal here at Honest EMF is to inform you of potential EMF risks and give you solutions help protect against the radiation.

When it comes to Teslas or smart cars, in general, you will be exposed to high amounts of EMF radiation but you will also be subject to a similar amount in any newer car.

There are a few ways to help lower the exposure but unfortunately as of now unless you want o go back to horse and buggy or ride your bicycle everywhere traveling via an automobile will expose you to EMF radiation.

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