10 Best Air Tube Headsets – 2023

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What Are Air Tube Headphones

Airtube headphones also referred to as anti-EMF radiation headphones or Air Tube Headset, are a headphone designed to lower your exposure to EMF radiation.

You may be wondering what makes this style of headphones any different than say the pair you received with your Apple device. The difference is how the sound gets to your ears.

Let’s chat more specifics on how they work below!

How Do Airtube Headphones Work?

Air tube headphones have a hollow, flexible air tube (hence where the name comes from) that is used to replace the wire from your phone or listening device to the earpiece.

Instead of the speaker being in the earpiece they are typically lower down on the cord below the air tube. The sound then travels from the speaker through the air tube to your ear.

This allows for quality sound to be received without having a speaker directly in your ear, exposing you to much less radiation than a standard pair of headphones.

Air tube headphones work great as a replacement for conventional headphones. They plug into the same headphone port and your standard headphone.

Many air tube headphones also come with a speaker which allows you to talk on the phone. Which for me, one of the main reasons I use headphones is to add some distance between my phone and head like when I am talking on the phone, so this feature is ideal.

Using standard headphones is certainly going to protect you more than using nothing and having your phone directly by your head but let’s talk about why standard wired headphones are not the best option when it comes to lowering your exposure to EMF radiation.

EMF Dangers of Standard Headphones

A standard pair of headphones emit a dangerously high level of EMF radiation and the worst part is, its right next to your head. This style of headphones is a purely wired connection which is what emits those dangerous EMF levels.

When you use corded headphones the RF Radiation travels up the cord like an antenna into your ears.

Another style of headphones to be aware of is cordless Bluetooth headphones. These are the most dangerous kinds of headphones you could be using.

Bluetooth headphones are basically miniature wifi routers you are sticking in your ears. They actually emit the same RF Radiation at the same frequency of a microwave, yikes!

Wireless Bluetooth headphones transmit signals to each other that go through your head and brain vs a corded headphone where it is transmitted through the cords.

There has been a jump in people claiming they are getting headaches, hearing buzzing noises, and a slew of other side effects from using Bluetooth headphones.

Let talk a bit about EHS and some of the side effects you could be experiencing from your headphones.

EMF Radiation Side Effects From Using Standard and Bluetooth Headphones

We have talked about EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) before on here and one of the most common devices people are noticing symptoms from is their headphones.

EHS Disease is an individual who has a sensitivity to magnetic and electric frequencies. Some individuals may notice that they have these side effects after being in close proximity to high levels of EMF radiation.

Here is a list of common side effects linked to EMF Radiation exposure:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Ringing ears
  • Hormonal imbalances that do not respond to treatment
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Tingling skin sensations
  • Buzzing or static feeling in the brain
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weakened immune system
  • Asthma
  • Mood Swings
  • Heart Arrhythmia

When using Bluetooth and standard wired headphones individuals with EHS most commonly notice headaches after use. We notice a big rise in this complaint when Bluetooth headphones like the Apple Airpods came out.

Potential Downsides of Airtube Headphones

So the main difference between air tube headphones and a standard pair of headphones is the wire connection. The air tube headphone has the air tube component and a partial wired connection vs. standard headphones use a 100% wired connection.

The air tube headphones are definitely a safer option for those who are interested in lowering their EMF exposure but what are the potential downsides to using air tube headphones?

One of the main complaints when it comes to air tube headphones is finding one that can maintain good sound quality and remain durable. Besides that, there really is no downside and they are a much safer option than standard and wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Why You Should Consider Switching to Air Tube Headphones

Since you are here on Honest EMF I am going to guess that you have at least some understanding and interest in EMF radiation and want to try to lower the amount you are exposed to.

Switching over to air tube headphones will help lower your exposure to EMF radiation and that is reason enough to switch.

If you are someone who constantly has headphones in you should especially consider switching. You are absolutely exposing yourself to dangerously high levels of EMF radiation.

10 Best Air Tube Headphones 2020

While searching for the best air tube headphones we took into consideration the quality of sound, price, purchaser reviews, and durability of the headphones.

We broke down the review into 6 categories: significant radiation protection, price, sound quality, sound and call controlling, return policy, and extra features.

1. DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Headphones

Purchase from Defendershield.

The DefenderSheild air tube headphones came in at our number 1 when it came to air tube headphones of 2020. Although they are more expensive than the other air tube headphones mentioned above they truly are the best air tube headphones available on the market.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- Similar to other headphones we have talked about the Defendersheild air tube headphones uses hollow tubes instead of wires. Not only does this increasing space for audio development it also protects you for EMF radiation from the speaker. They also use braided nylon cord that is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low-Frequency electrical signals.
  • Price- These DefenderSheild air tube headphones are some of the more expensive air tube headphones at the upper price range.
  • Sound Quality- Defendersheild’s headphones have the best sound quality of any of the air tube headphones I have used. They are built with advanced speakers to deliver higher fidelity sound.
  • Sound and Call Controlling- These quality headphones have a built-in hands-free microphone with On/Off and Play/Stop switch
  • Return/Warranty Policy- DefenderSheild provides a 1-year warranty with the purchase of their air tube headphones.
  • Extra Features- The use of highly flexible, strong air tubes and tangle-free braided nylon cord are two extra features we love and appreciate.

2. Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headphones

Check the current price on Amazon.

Dr. Mercola is one of the leading Doctors in the field and looked to for insights into the dangers of EMf radiation. His headphones are pretty popular as well, check out the details below.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headphones do not provide a percentage of protection like many other brands do. Since they are air tube headphones we know that they will add significant protection from the speaker thus making them safer than standard headphones.
  • Price- These headphones are in the mid-range price point. A really good price for the speaker quality.
  • Sound Quality- Dr. Mercola headphones have dual earbuds and full stereo sound. They have an enhanced speaker for louder, clearer sound, with a wiring system that reduces feedback and distortion.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  There is no button for answering or hanging up the call and these headphones are not equipped with volume control buttons. This is the reason why these headphones are #7 and not higher on the list.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- These headphones are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extra Features- The Dr. Mercola headphones have a more ergonomic positioning allowing the sound chamber hangs freely in the air between your cheek and collarbone, reducing contact with your body

3. EMF Relief Delux Air Tube Headphones

Check it out on Amazon.

The EMF Relief is very similar to the Kinden air tube headphones however at a bit of a higher price.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- EMF Relief Headphones claim to be 99% Radiation reduction. They do this through the use of metal shielded wire, dual sonic concentrator, no magnetic field radiation metal cavity, and the air tube.
  • Price- These headphones are lower-mid range price point which makes them a good purchase for anyone looking for a low-EMF air tube headphone.
  • Sound Quality- EMF Relief claims to have decent sound quality with the use of a high-performance microphone and noise-canceling rubber ear tips.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  These headphones support easily controlling your music and answering phone calls with its hands-free function.
  • Return/WarrantyPolicy- EMF Relief has a very good return/ warranty policy offering its buyers the option to refund or receive a replacement without any condition in 12 months of the purchase date.
  • Extra Features- Unique Anti-drop” earbuds offer a comfortable and secure fit for the wearer.

4. Safesleeve Radiation Free Air Tube Headphones

Check the current price on Amazon.

Safesleeve provides an air tube headphone that has good listening quality and a fair price making it a popular choice.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- Safesleeve does not give a percentage of protection like many other brands do and that is part of the reason we rank them at #4 instead of higher. However, since they are air tube headphones we know that they will add significant protection from the speaker.
  • Price- These air tube headphones are middle range pricing that is still very affordable, especially when compared to the average headphone price.
  • Sound Quality- Safesleeve claims to have crystal clear sound while they protect you from EMF exposure.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  These air tube headphones feature a built-in hands-free microphone with On/Off – Play/Stop switch. Answer and hang up phone calls, play music, activate Siri with the built-in, easy-access control button.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- Safesleeve has a great return policy with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your headphones, simply return it to Amazon within 30 days for a full money back refund!
  • Extra Features- Available in two colorways, black or white. A carrying case is included for easy, tangle-free storage.

5. Tauki Air Tube Headphones

Check it out on Amazon.

The Tauki headphones are a great option if you are needing some extra length in the cord as well as an overall decent air tube headphone.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- These Tauki headphones’ patented AIRTUBE technology offers 98% protection against EMF and RF radiation. They use shielded wire to prevent the induction and conduction of faradic current and RF radiation.
  • Price- These headphones are in the middle range price point.
  • Sound Quality- The sound quality of the Tauki air tube headphone is comparable to others at a lower price point, however, it is still decent quality.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  There are no sound and/ or call control options with these headphones.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- The warranty is okay with a 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects but you would be responsible for paying for shipping.
  • Extra Features- Extra-long 40″ cord great for when you need to plug in headphones and set your device down.

6. Aircom Airflo Headphones

Check it out on Amazon.

Aircom headphones are a bit newer to the air tube scene but so far they seem to be a very promising option. Check out why they made out top 10 list below!

  • Significant Radiation Protection- Aircom claims to virtually eliminate all RF radiation with their Airflo Headphones.
  • Price- Aircom Airflo Headphones are a mid-range price point.
  • Sound Quality- Aircom headphones have patented sound experience with their Airflow technology. The sound-waves travel through the earbuds with up to 8x more space to develop resulting in a clearer, more natural, live sound.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-   These earphones have a built-in microphone and convenient On/Off switch perfect for those looking for hands-free options.
  • Return/ Warranty Policy- No return policy or warranty provided by the seller.
  • Extra Features- These headphones are available in three colorways, black, white, and yellow. The Aircom Airflo Headphones are designed with an active lifestyle in mind and great for those looking for a safer headphone while at the gym.

7. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones 

Check it out on Amazon.

RadiArmor makes a good quality air tube headphone and continues to update its product to ensure it is the best quality it can be.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- According to the manufacturer RadiArmor headphones reduce radiation by 99.9% compared to holding a cell phone and reduce radiation by 97% compared to an ordinary pair of headphones.
  • Price- The RadiArmor air tube headphones are medium-priced, but a good deal for the quality of the headphone.
  • Sound Quality- They have a newly updated dual 8mm drivers provide true stereo sound and although they admit that air tube headphones do have lower sound quality when compared to standard headphones they use larger, energy-efficient drivers with amplified treble to counteract for lost high notes, offering superior dynamic range and sound quality compared to other air-tube headphones.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  The RadiArmor have a built-in microphone, volume and call answering buttons, ideal for handsfree use.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- One of the best warranties among similar headphones. RadiArmor provides a one year warranty. They are confident in the quality headphones and this shows with their amazing policy.
  • Extra Features- The extra-long cord is a really nice extra if you’re driving and need to set your phone in the console, cup holder, or passenger seat while still talking. They made some improvements with an update of their headphones last year in 2018. These improvements include improved speakers, volume buttons and more compact/ lighter earbuds made of magnesium alloy.

8. Docooler Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones

Check it out on Amazon.

Docooler provides an overall good quality air tube headphone at a very reasonable price.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- These air tube headphones protect against EMF with the use of metal shielded wire, dual sonic concentrator, no magnetic field radiation metal cavity, and the air tube. With all these protections the headphones achieve 98% radiation reduction.
  • Price- The Docooler air tube headphones are a mid-lower price range headphones. Still very affordable for air tube headphones.
  • Sound Quality- Docooler headphones are another set that has a built-in high-performance microphone and speaker. They claim this gives you perfect sound and clear communication effect.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  These air tube headphones have a built-in high-performance microphone and speaker, giving you perfect sound and clear communication effect. They also have buttons allowing easy control of your music. It also supports hands-free with high-grade microphone great for using while on a phone call.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- They do not specify whether they have a return policy or warranty.
  • Extra Features- Docooler headphones have a soft and skin-friendly in-ear headphone making it more comfortable for the wearer.

9. Kinden Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset 

Check it out on Amazon.

Kinden makes a high-quality low expense anti-radiation headphone that has become very popular. Below are some of our favorite features.

  • Significant Radiation Protection- Kinden has achieved 99% Radiation reduction through the use of metal shielded wire, dual sonic concentrator, no magnetic field radiation metal cavity, and the air tube.
  • Price- These Kinden Air Tube Headphones are another pair of very affordable low EMF headphones making them a great option for anyone looking to purchase air tube headphones. We would consider these on the low end for the price range.
  • Sound Quality- With the use of a high-performance microphone and noise-canceling rubber ear tips you get great quality sound without the harmful effects of EMF radiation.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  Kinden’s headphones are made with a high-performance microphone and noise-canceling rubber ear tips.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- Kiden has a great return policy. Try their headphones risk-free for 6 months. You can receive a refund or replacement without any condition within 6 months of the purchase date.
  • Extra Features- Available in two colors, translucent or black. They also have a unique anti-drop” earbud which offers a comfortable and secure fit.

10. Tuisy Air Tube Headphones

View it on Amazon.

A great, inexpensive pair of air tube headphones. Let’s go over why the Tusiy Air Tube Headphones are one of our top choices.

  • Radiation Protection Patent Certified – Tuisy Air Tube Headphones were granted a radiation protection patent certification by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) for the US and German.
  • Significant Radiation Protection- These headphones reduce 99.9 percent of EMF radiation. They took extra protection by using a shield on the wire portion of the headphones. In addition, there is no speaker in the earbuds themselves, giving you extra protection from magnetic radiation.
  • Price- These Tuisy Air Tube Headphones are a great affordable price for anyone who is looking to purchase a pair of headphones.
  • Sound Quality- Great sound quality for the price.
  • Sound and Call Controlling-  These headphones have functional buttons on the headset which allows sound control. This is also a great function to free your hands from answering/hanging up phone calls.
  • Return/Warranty Policy- I always appreciate a brand that can stand behind their products with a great return or exchange policy. Tuisy has an 18- month refund or new replacement for any quality problems. 
  • Extra Features- n/a

Final Thoughts on Air Tube Headphones

Air tube headphones are a much safer option when it comes to listening to your device than standard or Bluetooth headphones as we discussed above. Standard headphones expose you to dangerous levels of EMF radiation and the worst part is it is right next to your head.

The main dilemma when it comes to air tube headphones is trying to achieve a high quality of sound through the empty tube. Air tube headphones have come a long way over the past few years in quality and availability. There are now air tube headphones available with very high-quality speakers making it the transition from standard less of a sacrifice.

If you are at all concerned or care about your EMF exposure air tube headphones should be on your list of products to purchase. They are relatively inexpensive but will provide you with a good amount of protection while using the listening features of your phone and other devices.

We will update this list when new, better air tube headphones come out so you can always stay up to date. Hope you found this article helpful and found the perfect pair of air tube headphones for you!

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