Best EMF Protection Beads

EMF Protection Beads – What To Look for and What To Buy

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We have talked specifically about EMF protection jewelry before, some of the best kinds to get and materials that are used in them. For those of you who are looking to make your own jewelry or just want to have a variety of beads and stones around your home, this one is for you.

There are many different beads that are thought to help protect against EMF, I am just going to go over a few but will provide a longer list below since there are so many.

EMF Protection Beads


Shungite is one of the most popular and in my opinion best EMF blocking beads to use. This mineral has the ability to protect the body against harmful EMF Radiation.

This material that can be found in simple black beads is made from large hallow carbon molecules (called Fullerenes). These very unique molecules are what scientist believe give shungite the amazing ability to block EMF radiation.


Copper is well known for shielding most wavelength radio frequency and harmful EMF radiation. It is often used in clothing combined with fabric, however, this material can easily be found in bead form and would make a great addition to protection jewelry.

Very cost effective, copper is a popular material to work with for those looking to block EMF radiation as it is one of the most reliable materials for blocking EMFs.

Since it is metal there are many shapes and sizes available making this a very versatile material to work with.


Malachite is a beautiful green copper carbonate and has many powerful abilities. It is best known for aiding in the protection and ability to absorb negative energies and environmental pollutants.

Many people claim that Malachite has the ability to clear out radiation and electromagnetic garbage, this is due to the fact this mineral contains copper. A great option for those looking for the benefits of copper but want to add some color to their creation.

Smokey Quartz + Selenite

Sometimes combining two materials is the best way to provide protection. The combination of smokey quartz and selenite is a great one, especially for creating jewelry.

Smokey Quartz is a crystal that is believed to absorb all types of electromagnetics when placed between you and the source of EMF’s. You want to keep Selenite with the Smokey Quartz for its ability to clear the area and recharge the crystal.

Additional EMF Blocking Bead Materials:

  • Amazonite
  • Aventurine (any color)
  • Fluorite
  • Sodalite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Diamonds¬†
  • Moldavite
  • Yellow Kunzite
  • Turquoise

Best EMF Protection Beads for Purchase

1. Shungite Beads:

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Karelian Heritage has a great reputation for their EMF protection jewelry but if you want to make your own they have quality raw material available for purchase.

This set of 50 beads is made of III type regular shungite stones, which contains up to 50% of carbon. Great for blocking negative energy and EMF radiation.

As a maker, a great tip from Karelian Heritage is to gently wash the stones before adding them into your jewelry piece. Due to the high charcoal content if you do not wash before use they make leave some dark residue on your skin or clothing.

2. Copper Beads

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These 100% solid copper beads are a gorgeous and quality bead that can provide you with EMF protection and style!

They come in a set of 100, are useful and cost-effective.

3. Smokey Quartz and Selenite Beads:

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Skybeads has many gorgeous beads available, including a 46 piece set of Smokey Quartz. This crystal made into the form of a bead is a dark brownish color and looks great in combination with the clear/ white of Selenite.

This will be the case with any bead that is made from stones or crystals but be aware that the beads color and size may vary. These particular smokey quartz have a brownish hue but it can also look more like a dark grey.

4. Selenite Beads

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It can be a bit challenging to find individual Selenite beads, however, they can be found in the form of strands and take it apart allowing you to have the loose beads to create whatever EMF protection masterpiece you had in mind.

This gorgeous strand of Selenite from Perfect gems is a pretty clear, white color and will look great in combination with any bead!

This is a more rare Gem so don’t forget to check below for ways to ensure you are not buying synthetic beads. They can look identical to the real thing but will not provide the EMF protection you are looking for.

5. Malachite Beads:

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These stunning 46 piece set of green beads are a great addition to any piece of EMF protection jewelry. Since this is a natural stone the beads may vary slightly in size and color, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

Sky Beads points out another great ability of this bead, it is known to aid in the protecting children, those who are traveling, as well as protect the wearer from accidents.

Things to Watch out for when Purchasing EMF Protection Beads

Synthetic beads look very much like real stones or crystals and they are out there, some even claim to be the real material. Read the description carefully and consider reaching out to the manufacturer to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Although synthetic beads are still very pretty, they will not be able to protect you against EMF radiation.

Another way to check to make sure the bead is real is to take it to a local jewelry store and ask them to authenticate it for you.

Hope you enjoyed this post talking about EMF Protection beads. There are so many good options out there for creating a beautiful and unique EMF protection jewelry or for other DIY projects.

After reading this if you think you would rather purchase a pre-made EMF protection jewelry check out our post on The top 5 EMF Protection Necklaces.

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